Sunday, December 15, 2013

October and November

Things have been great here in New York.  We wrapped up our last project (the dining room) in October and are taking a long break from home improvement projects!  We have lots of finishing touches to do around the house that we need to get to someday, but for now we are taking it easy.  I've been incredibly busy with my business.  November and the first of December I was probably working as much as Jason to keep up!  I've been very lucky with my business here, it's a great area for my business as far as what I can charge and what my competition looks like.  And all of my clients have been amazing, love them all!!  We have also been able to make some great friends here, which we really haven't done anywhere else since like high school lol.  But Winter is really starting to set in so we'll see how we feel about New York in a few months as Winter really drags on here.  It doesn't get warm until May! 

For the past 3 or so weeks we have been trying to cut out processed foods.  I have been using a lot of recipes off this blog:  I was preparing myself for a battle with the children (and even Jason) because the kids really like their "kid" foods and in the past I have always had to make them their own dinner as they would never eat what we were eating.  I have been very surprised that they have actually loved most of the food and I feel so much better about what they are eating.  Even Jason has liked almost all the food we've been eating.  Today is day 7 of me cutting out all sugar and white flour and it's amazing, I really don't crave anything anymore.  It's great not counting calories and only having to make one meal that we all eat together.

The boys have been doing great.  They still LOVE preschool and they have gotten much better at playing together.  Of course they still fight a lot, but that's to be expected with brothers.  Sam still watches out for his little brother and takes care of him.  Noah has made a lot of progress with talking lately.  He still has a ways to go, but he is definitely making progress!  They are both such sweeties, we can't go anywhere without people commenting on how cute they are, mostly because Noah smiles at everyone and then Sam has his cute little shy faces.  Double the work but also double the cuteness :)

Playing the ipad together

Watching a show together

My little monkeys

Halloween with our good friends Kristina and Doug, who have a little girl just in between Sam and Noah, and also a cute baby girl

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